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Affiliate marketing is accountable for a larger part of many Countrie's GDP year after year, especially in some Countries like USA, UK and Germany.
It is already called the "Affiliate Marketing Industry".

Often, it is the first step for people who want to make money online.
What makes affiliate marketing such an attractive business is that there's no need to create a product, there is no customer support to deal with, no inventory to keep and most of the times not even a website is needed.
Affiliates simply promote other people's products and collect a commission each time a visitor they send purchases the product. You'll find it inside your 15DC Affiliate Account.

Even though Affiliate Marketing is not at all complicated, getting started isn't always as easy as it first seems. That's why we have our own mini-course to show anyone how it works.

How do affiliates get paid?

15DaysCash pays you every 15 Days like clockwork via PayPal, for the previous payment period.
It truly is the fast track to fill your PayPal account!

How are commissions tracked?

15DaysCash tracks the visitors affiliates send in using a unique combination of coockies and IP addresses. You will receive your commission even if a customer buys your promoted product 80 days after his/her first visit!

Our "Zero Fee" Policy

No way! If you accumulate $1,000.00 worth of commissions, that's exactly what you'll receive. We do not deduct any fees, nor keep any reserve. Get paid what you are owed!

Full performance statistics

Add conversion rates, see your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales history, payments, conversion rates, accumulated commissions for the period being and more in just a glance.

I Want To Start

I am new as affiliate and want to know more details about how the process works. One thing is for sure: I am ready to make money online.

I am a Pro. I have a website

I am an experienced affiliate and want to get started right away. I know what there is to know about affiliate marketing and even have my own website.

I Need Your Advise

... creating my new website, or my advertising campaign conversion rates, tell me where can I advertise more effectively...

Our Affiliate Programs Network

Driven by experienced marketers and a dedicated support team, paying affiliates every 15 Days, every time.

Affiliate Programs

Below you have screen shots of some of the affiliate programs in the network.
More inside your 15DaysCash Affiliate Account!


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We can be reached using our support help desk. Depending on our schedule and work load, you can also find us available in online chat.